To learn more about coffee? Kappu prepared most information for you to know more about coffee.

  • Kappu’s Past Issues: Click Now For A Look Into Our Previous Amazing Subscription Boxes

    Get a glimpse of some of Kappu’s previous boxes and discover what our subscribers have recently received in the past issues! Kappu’s past issues Introducing our past issued coffee box, inspired by the beautiful and […]

  • PocoPoco Coffee Roasters

    PocoPoco Coffee Roasters PocoPoco.Coffee.Roasters offers a carefully selected range of beans by the owner. Only about 5% of extremely high-quality and rare coffee beans are available in their lineup. Whether enjoyed in the morning sun […]

  • UNO Coffee and zakka

    在 Instagram 查看這則貼文 【焙煎屋】コーヒーと雑貨 UNO(@coffee_zakka_uno)分享的貼文

  • SOL’s Coffee

    Located in the downtown area of Kiyosumi, Tokyo, SOL’S is a specialty coffee shop that proposes a lifestyle with coffee, with a concept of “drinking coffee every day that is kind to the body.” With […]

  • The Coffeeshop

    THE COFFEESHOP operates a roastery called Roast Works, where they roast specialty coffee beans selected by themselves. Using a 12kg roaster from Probat, a German company known for its ability to roast coffee without burning […]