With the Kappu Monthly Japanese coffee subscription plan, you'll never run out of great coffee again. Simply choose your subscription plan, and we'll deliver a fresh batch of expertly roasted Japanese coffee beans to your doorstep every month. Plus, with our flexible subscription options, you can easily modify or cancel your plan at any time. Enjoy the convenience of great coffee without ever leaving your home.

What will you get?

Kappu speciality coffee subscription – each Box ships from Japan and comes with 450 grams freshly roasted coffee beans. Picked by our Q-grader team.

Japan is known for its high-quality coffee, but do you know where it comes from?

Our Kappu Basic Coffee box is a subscription service that brings the best of Japan’s coffee beans straight to your door. We work with local roasters to select 3 types of beans each month, then send them straight to you. The beans are roasted by our Q-Grader Team and packaged in a special way to preserve their freshness.

Each month, you’ll receive 450 grams of freshly roasted Japanese coffee delivered right to your door. You can enjoy these delicious beans at home or share them with friends—but no matter how you choose to enjoy them, you’ll be supporting local Japanese entrepreneurs who are passionate about producing high-quality coffee.

You can also try our tailor-made subscription box or the beginner box.

Product specifications

1. Commodity combination/specification: Kappu selected coffee box cycle purchase (3 x 150g/box; each issue is random)
2. Product name: Kappu Basic Coffee Plan (3 x 150g/box; each issue is random)
3. Commodity weight (capacity): 450g coffee
4. Content composition: Coffee bean
5. Name of food additive: None
6. Country of Origin: Japan
7. Delivery will be on the first week of each month.

Remark column: This is coffee with comprehensive flavors, the actual product depends on the outer packaging of the product

This month's box

As we enter the rainy season in Japan, we’ve selected two carefully roasted coffees that perfectly complement the season’s cooler and damper weather.

Our q-grader team picked 3 types of coffee bean coming from: Mel Coffee Roaster, Pocopoco Coffee and Light Up Coffee.
More details could be found below:
They are best for Japanese hand drip. You can find the detailed brewing steps here.

Roaster Company Fukusuke Coffee
Region Brazil Grama Valley
Variety Bourbon
Process Natural
Elevation 1200m
Flavour Roasted Almond, Milk Chocolate
Roasting Level Light

Roaster Company Pocopoco Coffee
Region Costa Rica, Leon Cortes, Tarazzu
Variety Red Catuai
Process Yellow Honey
Elevation 1900m
Flavour Milk Chocolate, Fig, Nectarine, Sweet
Roasting Level Dark

Roaster Company Be A Good Neighbor Coffee Kiosk
Region Mexico, Ixhuatlan
Variety Bourbon
Process Red Honey
Elevation 1300-1500m
Flavour Baked Apple, Maple Syrup, Rooibos
Roasting Level Medium


FAQ for Kappu Basic Coffee Plan

What is a Kappu Basic Coffee Box?

Kappu Basic Coffee Box is a service that delivers coffee beans or pre-ground coffee to your doorstep on a monthly basis.

What types of coffee can I expect in a Kappu basic coffee subscription service?

  • 3 type of coffee bean based on your preference, you will get surprise of tasting Japanese style coffee every month !
  • 450 gram of coffee per month, you could enjoy a cup of coffee every single day (~15 gram per cup)

What the type of coffee will be delivered ?

  • Mixed with Light / Medium / Dark Roasted Coffee Bean
  • Mixed with Nutty / Fruity oriented coffee flavors
  • Mixed with Different Coffee Origin – Central America / South America / Africa / Asia
  • Mixed Different Coffee Variety & Elevation

Where the roasted coffee bean from ?  ALL are roasted by Top’s coffee roasters in Japan in the below.

  • FineTime Coffee Roasters
  • Berth Coffee Roaster
  • Light Up Coffee Roaster
  • SOL Coffee Roaster
  • TheCoffeeShop Roaster
  • Raw Sugar Coffee Roaster
  • Pocopoco Coffee Roaster
  • Nagasawa Coffee Roaster
  • Gluck Coffee Spot Roaster
  • Tasse Coffee Roaster

How fresh will the coffee be?

Our roasters roast the beans after the order is placed to ensure maximum freshness. The beans are then shipped within a few days of roasting, so they arrive at your doorstep within a week or two of being roasted.

Can I customize my subscription?

Sorry, Kappu basic coffee plan is a fixed plan picked by our Q-grader. So you can’t customize the subscription. But you can subscribe to Coffee Subscription Plan for a customized one.

How do I brew the coffee?

You can use your preferred brewing method, such as drip, pour-over, or French press.