We are on a mission to make it simple for you to find and brew the best Japanese coffee from home.

About Kappu – Great coffee is more than just a drink; it’s an experience with the ability to enhance your mornings and days. We work directly with the most Japanese skilled roasters, sample their coffee and choose the best ones to send you at peak deliciousness. Our coffee specialists know the difference between the simply good and the truly extraordinary, so all you have to do is subscribe, relax and enjoy.

Why you should start your morning with Kappu

01. Curation by Experts

Our dedicated experts scour for the best roasters in Japan. Our grader then tastes each coffee and curates a special selection that meets the highest quality standards while satisfying the widest range of tastes.

02. Feel the difference

Every Kappu’s coffee is freshly roasted, lovingly packaged in Japan, and delivered quickly all over the world. Guaranteed peak freshness and flavor.

03. Support independent roasters

We get our coffee from the best independent coffee roasters in Japan. Your purchase benefits these local businesses and their direct relationships with global coffee producers all over the world.

Who are our people?

Our staff are the most caring, hardworking, and talented in the industry. We're a group of coffee experts, artists, writers, bakers, designers, and general daydreamers.

Enjoy the best Japanese coffee from home