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We get our coffee from the best independent coffee roasters in Japan. Kappu’s Japanese Speciality Coffee Subscription benefits these local businesses and their direct relationships with global coffee producers all over the world.

What Makes Japanese Coffee Special ?

Coffee Trends in Japan

Modern Japan coffee shops, meanwhile, have become renowned for pioneering new brewing techniques. Just like Japanese-style iced drip coffee, the cold filter coffee beverage is made by extracting hot coffee over ice to highlight its acidity and brightness.

This growing demand for at-home consumption, combined with a passionate segment of specialty coffee consumers, has led Japanese coffee drinkers to become more interested in the coffee they buy.

Due to Covid-19 in 2020, home consumption in japan grew a lot and coffee subscription is becoming another key sales channels to japan coffee roasters. is targeting to promote local and high-quality japan coffee roasters to the international and worldwide market.

The art of Japan in-store Roasting

In the past few decades, Japanese consumers tend to prefer dark roasted coffee but it is changing in latest few years. Coffee which is lightly roasted with a bright and soft acidity is becoming more popular. More and more consumers are starting to enjoy the diversity of coffee.

Also, japan coffee shops roasting their own beans is becoming more and more prominent throughout Japan.  The number of coffee shops with roasters has increased a lot and most of the coffee shops serve specialty coffee only and sell beans to customers directly in the store.

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