Dear coffee enthusiasts, have you mastered the art of brewing a delicious pour-over coffee?

Each drop of coffee tells a unique story, and with each pour-over, we delicately present this tale, reminiscent of diving into a prose collection filled with aroma and flavor. In this journey, every drop of coffee is a distinct narrative woven from exceptional coffee beans. It’s not just a brewing process; it’s a sensory adventure, allowing the rich aroma of coffee to unfold in your taste buds.

Now, let’s explore how to brew a delightful pour-over coffee together, elevating the coffee experience to new heights.

  1. Grinding: Choose a medium grind (4 or 4.5) for a perfect pour-over.
  2. Water Temperature: Optimal temperature is 90℃, with a water-to-coffee ratio of 1:16.
  3. Brewing Technique: Pour water in circular motions, avoiding a direct impact on the filter paper.
  4. Wetting the Filter and Adding Coffee: Place the filter paper in the dripper, wet it with hot water, discard the water, then add coffee grounds and gently tap to level the surface.
  5. First Pour: Circle from the center outward, slowly pouring water until coffee grounds are saturated.
  6. Blooming: Wait for 30 seconds until the coffee grounds begin to collapse.
  7. Second Pour: Repeat the process for about 2 minutes, pouring a small amount of water to reach the desired weight.
  8. Extraction Time: When the coffee extraction is sufficient, you can remove the dripper.


  • For dark roast beans: 80-90℃; for light to medium roast beans: 90-97℃.

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Are you ready to embark on the coffee brewing journey? Feel free to share your favorite coffee beans and brewing techniques in the comments below!

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